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    My name is Mike Cooper. I'm a full time Voiceover Artist living and working in London, and this is my blog. Find out more about me on my main website (there's a link further down this column), or if you'd like to hear some of my work, check out the files below.
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A couple of thoughts

Posted by MikeCooper on October 23, 2008

Actually, the first one’s more of a moan than anything constructive. I never heard back from BT about the possibility of having ISDN installed. My “webform” seems to have disappeared into the ether, despite the confirmation emails I received. Upon calling them, I found myself directed to a third-party supplier who have some kind of deal with BT to supply to SMEs. They informed me that they needed to create an account for me with BT before they did anything, and sent me a form to fill in and fax back (how last century!) That was three days ago. And still I wait. Let’s hear it for bureaucracy…

In the meantime I’ve been investigating the feasibility of a silent – or “near-silent”, as this will doubtless turn into a hair-splitting exercise before long – PC for my booth. The recent upgrades in acoustic treatment (did I mention that I spent most of last Friday with a can of spray adhesive and a box of acoustic tiles?), plus a new mic preamp and the like, have made me realise that the fan in my MacBook is running a little louder than is ideal. No one’s said anything yet – and I always manage to minimise it in post-production – but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, especially when I start doing live sessions.

There are a couple of companies in the UK that supply this type of machine, and a mate of mine who builds PCs as a hobby is also primed to have a look into it when he returns from China at the end of the month. The biggest issue I face in there seems to be space, as there isn’t any. A few people have suggested putting the PC outside the booth, but that would encroach on the bedroom, and – having taken over half the walk-in wardrobe already – I feel this may be a step too far for my other half.

Finally, as this is a voiceover blog, I’m toying with the idea of recording the posts in audio as well as in text. It would be another way to demonstrate my skill, if nothing else, though I might stop short of calling it a “Podcast”. I’m not fully committed to this yet, as the facility to dash off a few lines at will is more immediate than having to commit to recording proper audio every time, but it’s a thought!


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