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    My name is Mike Cooper. I'm a full time Voiceover Artist living and working in London, and this is my blog. Find out more about me on my main website (there's a link further down this column), or if you'd like to hear some of my work, check out the files below.
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So this is Christmas

Posted by MikeCooper on December 23, 2008

Well, almost. Two days to go, and things in Voiceover World are very quiet, as one might expect. I had an enquiry yesterday about some work for the new year, but that aside not much has happened, except a quick look at my bank account reveals that most of my clients have been good boys and girls and cleared their invoices ahead of the holidays. There’s one notable exception, but tough love can start in January (and it will…)

As it’s been quiet, I’ve been trawling the internet looking for deals on kit. I’m in the market for upgrading my microphone in the next few weeks, and I have to say I’m unsure of the best course of action. The other day I heard worrying reports from a fellow Voice, writing in a private forum, that prices are likely to rise in the coming year due to the poor exchange rate between the Pound and virtually every other currency. He cited Focusrite and Digidesign as two companies who expect to be increasing their prices by 25%-30% from January.

On the other hand, a friend of mine whose opinions I generally put some faith in believes that the slow economy (even though we’re not yet officially in a recession here in the UK) might mean good deals in the new year, when sales of kit are traditionally slow. Her viewpoint is that, regardless of the threats, the vendors will have no option but to discount.

What’s a boy to do? My track record with this sort of thing tells me that whichever decision I make will be the wrong one, and I’ll lose cash whatever I do, so perhaps I should just stop worrying.

Thanks for reading my embryonic blog over the last few months. I seem to be managing to write at least semi-regularly, and I’m enjoying it! So, with that, a Merry Christmas to all our readers, and I hope to see you in 2009. Have a good one!


2 Responses to “So this is Christmas”

  1. Phil said

    And seasons greetings to you too. So then, for the geeky/curious/dull amongst us, which mics are you looking at?

  2. mikecooper said

    Happy Christmas, Phil!

    I’m aspiring to a U87, but trying to see if I can get away with a TLM 103…

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