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    My name is Mike Cooper. I'm a full time Voiceover Artist living and working in London, and this is my blog. Find out more about me on my main website (there's a link further down this column), or if you'd like to hear some of my work, check out the files below.
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It’s the little things

Posted by MikeCooper on January 9, 2009

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, don’t they?

I reckon I’ve spent about £4,500 on re-equipping my studio over the last few months, but it was the £30 I spent this week that really made the difference. I know I’ve posted before about upgrading my recording space, putting in ISDN, getting a new microphone and so on, but somehow it didn’t feel quite finished until yesterday afternoon, when two small pieces of the puzzle arrived from the nice-but-ever-so-slightly-overpriced people at Canford Audio.

The first was a bracket to hold my Fostex monitor speaker. The speaker (a 6301B compact, powered monitor of the type you see everywhere in radio and TV) has been sliding around on top of my studio rack for weeks. It just didn’t feel right, and I wanted it on the wall, where it was at the right height, and – just as importantly – where it looked more permanent.

The second thing was even smaller: a G-clamp to hold my microphone’s angle-poise arm. I’ve been using a sturdy (but, naturally, overpriced) free-standing tabletop version since the refit, but it was taking up valuable space where I could have put scripts, or the Bookchair which I use as a script holder.

Strangely, once these two pieces of the jigsaw were in place, the whole area suddenly felt “done” and a bizarre sense of calm and accomplishment overcame me.

Yes, it’s definitely sometimes not the size of the thing that’s important…


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