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    My name is Mike Cooper. I'm a full time Voiceover Artist living and working in London, and this is my blog. Find out more about me on my main website (there's a link further down this column), or if you'd like to hear some of my work, check out the files below.
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Online voice directories – worth the cost of admission?

Posted by MikeCooper on March 22, 2009

I blogged yesterday about how using online services like Voice123 and Voices.com could be helpful to those getting into the voiceover business.

Timely as ever, Nevada-based voiceover artist and TV presenter, Dave Courvoisier, has been blogging himself about whether such sites are worth the cost of membership. On his “Voice-Acting in Vegas” blog, he also features some sound advice from established voice actor and coach, Bettye Zoller. You can read Dave’s post, including Bettye’s thoughts, here.

What are your views? Please feel free to leave a comment!


3 Responses to “Online voice directories – worth the cost of admission?”

  1. Lea Michelle Cox said

    I just subscribed to Voices.com, too. Can’t wait to actually start using it …

    At any rate, I love reading this blog; there’s so much helpful information.

    Also, you mentioned in a previous comment that you were available for brain-picking, so I’ll now unabashedly take advantage of the offer: I submitted this question to someone else as well, but having more than one source is never a bad thing.

    There are places to upload audio (ex. demos) on Voices.com, but as a beginner, I haven’t recorded any actual spots. What should a newbie put up for audio demos so that they can start auditioning and possibly working (though the biggest outcome here is a lot of necessary practise)?

    • mikecooper said

      Hi! Nice to hear from you, Lea!

      Don’t worry: most newcomers won’t have any spots to upload when they start out. It’s a bit chicken-and-egg, really. What you can do is find someone in your locale who produces showreels, though. If you’re in a city of any size this shouldn’t be too hard to find, but if you’re not in a big centre of production you may have to think about travelling to make one.

      I’m a firm believer in putting your best foot forward though, and I’d be hesitant about putting up anything that sounds “home brewed” for your demo on one of these sites. There’s such a lot of competition that you do need to sound the part when the prospective client clicks to listen.


  2. In a word: No.

    Almost all of the voiceover directories are over-subscribed and any producer who is trying to find a voice is not very likely to pick you. Just have a look and see how many of these directories are on page one or two when you do an internet search for voiceover or voice-over. Very Few.

    From my own experience, it’s much better to spend your money on your own decent website and pay for google adwords. My own site has got onto the first couple of pages of Google by doing just this.

    BigFish Media

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