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Archive for March 24th, 2009

The Bullet-proof Voiceover Industry

Posted by MikeCooper on March 24, 2009

Last time I wrote about the things that freelances can do to reframe their outlook in the midst of the recession. This time I’m going to share resources from just three of those in our industry who are convinced that the voiceover business may not get hit that hard, if at all. In fact, there’s even a school of thought that says this may be a time to make hay…

Minneapolis-based voice talent Terry Daniel has been around long enough to know a thing or two about the peaks and troughs of working as a Voiceover Artist. On his blog, he shares his top “5 Tips to Grow & Maintain Your Business in this Tough Economy“. It’s sage advice that will keep your feet on the ground but your brain in the right mindset.

The second and third resources come in the form of audio podcasts from Voices.com. The Voice Over Experts podcasts are a mine of useful tips for anyone starting out in the business, and are full of useful reminders for those of us who’ve been at it a while longer, too.

In Voice Over Experts episode 74, veteran voice actor Pat Fraley sets out his 9 reasons why there’s no need to panic. Among the points he cites are that in a recession, people stay in more. And they’re going to want to be entertained. That’s good for people like you and me who provide voiceovers for everything from video games to TV programmes, right?

Finally, award-winning voiceover and voiceover coach, Bettye Zoller, has her own take on “Areas of Demand for Voice Overs Despite the Economic Downturn” in Voice Over Experts episode 82. She says: “One of the greatest things about the voice over business is that it keeps reinventing itself. Why not reinvent yourself as a voice talent, too?” And you know what? I think she has a point.

All of these three people have stuff to say that’s worth listening to, and they’ve even recorded them to save you having to read, which seems very reasonable indeed, especially as this advice is being given out for free, already. So, why not get some refreshments and indulge them with half an hour of your time, right now?

There we are then, it’s official: I’m opting out of this recession. I have better things to concentrate my efforts on. Fancy joining me?

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