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Thoughts mostly (but not always) about the voice-over business, from London Voiceover Artist, Mike Cooper

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    My name is Mike Cooper. I'm a full time Voiceover Artist living and working in London, and this is my blog. Find out more about me on my main website (there's a link further down this column), or if you'd like to hear some of my work, check out the files below.
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I’m Mike Cooper – a Voiceover Artist living and working in London, England. This page is a bit like the back flyleaf of a book, where I’m supposed to say that I’m married and live with my partner and our two cats in a converted barn in the West Country.

Except it’s not really like that.

My partner’s an Australian bloke called Julian and we’re really not cat people. In fact, just being in the same room as most cats brings us both out in itchy patches and makes our eyes water. In this respect we’re perfect for each other. We’d actually love a dog (or two), but not the small, yappy-type ones which are about all we’d have room for in our garden flat in the middle of Kennington.

As for married? Well, he’s a divorce lawyer. They’re kind of hard to pin down on such things. He works in the family law department of a swanky London firm, and until recently I was heavily involved in the business of rolling news as a TV director. We used to joke that between the two, misery had been very good to us…

Throughout my (occasionally chequered) career I’ve always hopped between the two sides of the glass, though. I’ve been a radio producer and a presenter, a television announcer and a transmission controller, and so on. Using my voice has always been part of it since the start, and I’ve always enjoyed it. A couple of years ago someone whose opinion I value told me that I’d always been quite good at it. They then went on to suggest that I “stop messing about with all that technical crap” and just got on with it properly.

So, here we are then, some time later. Two years or so since tentatively buying my first microphone, and a box to connect it to my MacBook, in order to see if I could jump on the “voiceovers from home” bandwagon, it’s all (touch wood) going rather well. If you don’t believe me, have a look at what I’ve been up to on my voiceover website.

This blog is intended to be an outlet for some of my thoughts, and a place where I can write stuff that doesn’t really fit within the body of my other site. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing from you!  Comments are very welcome, so please feel free to contribute.

Mike Cooper
February 2009


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, Mike, I just found your blog on Voice123.

    I’ve just signed up as a premium subscriber and, like the people you have targeted this at, am a very new newbie.

    Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts down for the rest of us.

    I seem to find getting good, informed, honest feedback on my pieces the most difficult thing.

    Do you do voice coaching by any chance?

    Thanks for your time and please keep writing!



    • mikecooper said

      Hi Will!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog – I really appreciate that.

      If you’re looking for feedback on your clips, have you tried the online boards? VO-BB, Voiceover Universe and so on are often a useful place to start. You can post your clips and get ripped to shreds critiqued by the other members. As I mentioned before though, watch out for “knockers”…

      On Voice Coaching, it’s something I’m in the process of looking into. Watch this space!


  2. Will said

    Thanks, Mike!

    I’ll have a look at those suggestions. Please do give the voice coaching a think. I for one would be very interested!



  3. Hi Mike:

    Thanks for picking up my Double Dutch Blog and for sending it into Twitter-space! I’ve just added your blog to my blog roll.

    I was lucky to work for the BBC and live in London for a while. How I ended up in the States is still a mystery to me…

    Have a great start to the New Year!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Strikwerda

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